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Feb 11, 2020

Nora Wendel is a feminine embodiment expert, relationship expert and international motivational speaker. She teaches women how to find self worth and self confidence by reconnecting them to their femininity so they can become magnetic to all they desire.

Her Gypsy upbringing in Nepal and India cultivated in her a deep desire to inspire people to live extra ordinary lives filled with intimacy, joy and passion. She lives and loves in Bali running her online coaching empire as well as hosting worldwide workshops and retreats.

In this Episode;

  • How we speak to ourselves determines how we relate in relationships
  • Unleashing the magnetic woman in you
  • Emotional intimacy in relationships and friendships and why we have trouble speaking up.
  • Spicing things up from the mundane by practising authentic relating.

Guest: @norawendel

Host: @samasser

Podcast: @theinnerexperience

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